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Your store with your brand as a service

Pikito solution

Your store with your brand as a service

Pick up point & Showroom & Returns point

Instant physical retail presence

Shared with non‑competing e‑shops

Contracts starting at 6 months

For the monthly cost of 2 cashiers

Premium retail presence

Shared store with 10-12 premium non‑competing e‑shops

Locations in high traffic area retail parks

Top product categories

fashion, shoes, books, kitchenware, home decor, pharmacy, kids, drinks, food, supplements…

200+ sqm of shared space

20-30 sqm per showroom

Capital cities in relevant countries

Easy access and parking

Why to have a store


  • Increase in online conversion rate

  • Lower customer acquisition costs


  • Better relationships with & conditions from suppliers

  • Exclusive brand listing


  • Product exploring and testing

  • Customer friendly returns process


  • Higher customer trust

  • Better brand perception

Bonami.cz operates 9 stores.

In cities with physical stores, 40% of orders are picked up in-store.

Source: CZECHCRUNCH, 8.2.2022

Kulina.cz / Footshop.cz

Own stores in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest serving 35-45% of orders in location.

Building a store on your own

Knowledge of retail environment

  • Find the right location

  • Build the store (design, layout, construction, equipment, IT system,…)

  • Hire & train staff

  • Monitor legislation

  • Store operations




  • TIME


  • 3-5 years minimum rent in top locations

  • High CAPEX demand

  • Lack of experience

  • Specific legislation

  • Store staff turnover

  • In-store shrinkage

Costs of opening your own store at a premium location start at 100.000 €

For your customer

Pick‑up point

Returns management


Changing rooms

Educated and professional staff

Great customer experience vs. ordinary pick‑up points

(cafés, gas stations, boxes)

Easy access locations with comfortable parking

Try on option

(clothes, shoes)

Product exploring

No lockdown closing