Onboarding Process

If we start with introduction meeting

Pikito business model, cooperation model and store unit check

in 1 week

Kickoff integration meeting (comission sales and pickup point integration)

in 7-14 days

Inventory selection for Pikito, testing stage and staff training

2-3 weeks

Integrated store, merchandise delivered and ready in store.

in 30 days

Store is ready, staff trained and launch.

Pikito Services

We are offering an easy solution how to open & manage retail store as a service. We are providing pick-up point, retail store and full management under one simple monthly fee. No hidden costs and we offering flexible conditions from day one.


PIKITO offers state-of-the-art technology for pickup points, skilled service trained by e- shops and brands and a modern background and design, all shared within one place.


Fully managed Brick-and-mortar stores by Pikito, partner is taking care only about pricing and inventory.

Retail Management

Our services are covering all around sales, inventory, returns, claims or operations with your central warehouse.

Contact us

Business Development & Sales

Vojtěch Vonička
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David Verner
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Barbora Slováková

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